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Every time I go to the tearoom I'm greeted with friendly smiles and delicious snacks. Nina is a top notch tea conoisseur, and the dining menu is absolutely fantastic. I hope I'm able to score tickets to the next special event, they always get sold out quickly!


Many happy hours have been spent at The Tearoom with family and friends. Great food, warm, friendly atmosphere and excellent service. The Tearoom has an appeal for old and young alike. Little girls and boys learn some delightful manners at High Tea with Grandma while the adults get to harken back to an earlier time when "tea" was an occasion. And for those of you new to The Tearoom, lunch or perhaps just dessert, of which there are many yummy choices, can be the event of the day.


We truly love The Tea Room. Nina and the staff outdo themselves every time. The food is absolutely delicious and always tastes like it’s made with love. It’s a joy to visit The Tea Room and it’s something our family always looks forward to. We are so grateful they enabled takeout so we could enjoy these treats for life with our family and we really appreciate all the hard work you put into every order. We always look forward to our next visit.